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From Regina Andler, business content creation specialist, best-selling author, and business owner for over 20 years.

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Here’s what you get in this 5-day course:

Day 1. Be Clear About Who You Are Writing Content For – Your Ideal Client Profile

After all, this is who you are writing all your content for!

Day 2. The 3 Main Types of Facebook Pages And How To Position Them For Success

Tap into key sections of your pages and groups that are critical for attracting new followers.

Day 3. How to Convert Followers To Fans With These 5 Types of Content

Mastering these 5 categories will set you apart from the rest of the crowd.

Day 4. Write Engaging Posts Using The 4 Key Post Components To Attract New Clients

Learn how to get your audience liking, commenting, sharing, and converting like crazy!

Day 5. Scale Your Content With a Proven Posting Strategy

You do not have to spend hours every day on social media! Learn how to streamline your pages and groups with this proven posting strategy.